Dynamics of Evolving Fluid Interfaces - DEFI Gathering physico-chemical and flow properties

IFPEN/Solaize - 12-13 October 2016

Poster sessions 

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NB: Most papers are presented both during the oral sessions and as posters (same oral paper ref.)

- Fast temperature screening for viscosity determination of thermoresponsive polymers by microfluidic
Patrick Abgrall, Yoann Lefeuvre, Patricyja Adamska, Gérard Meunier (Formulaction, l’Union, France)

P/03 -
Gel point determination thanks to microrheology
Patrick Abgrall, Roland Ramsch, Christelle Tisserand, Giovanni Brambilla, Gérard Meunier (Formulaction, l’Union, France)

P/09 -Interaction between two oil droplets, in aqueous solution, covered by phospholipids
Anaïs Bénarouche1, Alain Cagna2, Frédéric Carrière1 (1CNRS, Univ. of Aix-Marseille, 2Teclis, France)

P/11 - Influence of viscosity ratio on mass transfer through the interface of a droplet
Azeddine Rachih1 2, Sophie Charton1, Dominique Legendre2, Eric Climent2 (1CEA, France, 2IMFT, Univ. of Toulouse, France)

P/12 - Numerical simulation of droplet coalescence: status and main issues
Eduardo Vioque1 2, Sophie Charton1, Eric Climent2, Dominique Legendre2 (1CEA, France, 2IMFT, Univ. of Toulouse, France)

P/15 - Numerical simulation as a tool to enhance new developments in microfluidics
Badr Ben M’Barek, Xavier Lefebvre, Nicolas Pannacci, Marie Moire, Eric Lécolier (IFPEN, France)

P/20 - Deformable porous media saturated by three immiscible fluids: constitutive modeling and core flooding simulations
Alessandro Gajo1, Francesco Cecinato1, Benjamin Loret2 (1Univ. of Trento, Italy, 2Univ. of Grenoble, France)

P/21 - Plug formation of non-newtonian liquids in microchannels
Evangelia Roupea, Maxime Chinaud, Panagiota Angeli (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. College London, UK)

P/22 - Studies on flow past bluff body in a pipe
Mohd Izzudin Izzat Zainal Abidin, Kyeong Hyeon Park, Maxime Chinaud, Panagiota Angeli (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. College London, UK)

P/26 - Effect of nanofluids type on natural convection in a three-dimensional cavity
Mohamed Sannadi, Btissam Abourida, Lahoucine Belarche, Doghmi Hicham (LMPEE, National School of Applied Sciences, Ibnou Zhor Univ., Morocco)

P/27 - Numerical study of void fraction distribution in a rectangular bubble column using the NEPTUNE_CFD code
Pierre-Alexandre Journès1, Stéphane Mimouni1, Pierre-Emmanuel Angeli2, Sophie Charton2, Guillaume Bois2, Olivier Marfaing2, Maria Giovanna Rodio2, Jérôme Laviéville2  (1CEA, France, 2Électricité de France R&D Division, France)

P/28 - CFD Study of the transverse migration of bubbles in a narrow rectangular duct: assessment of the NEPTUNE_CFD code and benchmark of various closure models
Youssef Miftah, Olivier Marfaing, Guillaume Bois, Jérôme Laviéville, Stéphane Mimouni (CEA, Univ. Paris, France)

P/31 - Crude oil-brines interactions: from a complex system towards a simplified model
Jamoowantee Ballah1, Manuel Chamerois2, Gerald Hamon2, Pierre Levitz1, Laurent Michot1 (1PHENIX-CNRS-UPMC, France, 2Total, France)

P/33 - Assisted recovery of oil by chemical method - Applied on sandstone carrot
Djedri.S, Issaadi Rachid (Lab. of hydrogen energetic applications, Univ. Saad Dahlab of Blida, Algeria)

P/35 - A Model for spatiotemporal varying mass transfer problems during two-phase flow within pore networks, based on the DeProF model description of the flow patterns
Eugene Skouras1, Marios Valavanides2, Vasilis Burganos1 (1ICE/HT- FORTH, 2TEI Athens, Greece)

P/36 -
Optimized synthesis and magneto-rheology of nanocomposite biopolymer materials
Alain Pontona1, Modesto T. López-Lópezb2, Giulia Franceschinc3, Fayna Mammeric3, Souad Ammar-Merahc3 (1MSC, Univ. Paris Diderot, France, 2Dept. de Física Aplicada, Univ. of Granada, Spain, 3ITODYS, Univ. Paris Diderot, France)

P/43 - Study of liquid-liquid microflow patterns to predict and compare the formation of segmented flow for different geometries of microchannels: interest for radiochemical analysis
Axel Vansteene1, Jean-Philippe Jasmin1, Gerardo Vera De La Cruz2, Siméon Cavadias2,3, Clarisse Mariet1, Gérard Cote2 (1SEARS-CEA, Univ. Paris-Saclay, France, 2UPMC, France, 3PSL, Chimie ParisTech - CNRS, France)

P/44 - Obtaining nanoparticles of calcium carbonate from inorganic precursors and sucrose as an additive with potential use as biomaterial
Laila Mahtout, FatahTakabait, Nouara Benabdesslam (Univ. of Béjaia/ Lab. de Technologie des Matériaux, Faculté des Sciences Exactes, Algéria)

P/45 - The dual phase flow (oil-water) in Iraqi oil pipelines and the solutions to increase the pumping efficiency
Prof. Alaa M.Abdullah Alasady, EFCODB–North Oil Company – Ministry of oil, Iraq)

P/46 -
How do influence thermal effects the particle properties in a horizontal fluidized bed?
Meyer Katja, Bück Andreas, Tsotsas Evangelos (Otto von Guericke Univ. Magdeburg, Germany)

P/47 - Flow of an elasto-viscoplastic material around a plate perpendicular to the flow direction
Moctar Gueye, Frédéric Dufour, Laurent Jossic, Fiacre Ahonguio, Albert Magnin (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France)

P/48 - Keggin heteropolysalts for a clean synthetisis of adipic acid using H202
Tassadit Mazari1,2, Dahbia Amitouche1,2,Sihem Mouanni1, Sihem Benadji1, Leila Dermeche1,2, Catherine Roch-Marchal3, Cherifa Rabia1 (1Lab. Chimie du Gaz Naturel, Faculté de Chimie, Algeria, 2Dpt de chimie, Faculté des Sciences, Univ. Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi Ouzou, 3ILV-CNRS, Univ. de Versailles-St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France)

P/49 - Valorization of rejections resulting from enrichment of Pb/Zn of mine of Amizour (Algeria) in the field of technical ceramics
Nouara Benabdeslam, Laila Mahtout (LTMGP, Univ. of Bejaia, Algeria)

P/50 - Experimental study of thiosulphalte leaching in a batch stirred reactor
Dmitry Vladimirovich Gradov, Arto Laari, Tuomas Koiranen (Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology, Finland)

P/53 - Application du distillateur solaire dans le monde agricole
Allal Assia, Mokhtari Abderahmane Mejedoub (Univ. des Sciences et de la Technologie d’Oran, Algeria)

P/56 - Modelling of interfaces in two-phase flow in porous media
Morten Vassvik1, Alex Hansen1, Signe Kjelstrup2, Dick Bedeaux2 (NTNU, Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology, Norway -1Dept of Physics, 2Dept. of Chemistry)

P/60 - Investigation of dynamic interfacial tension behaviors of crude oil / surfactant solutions for enhanced oil recovery
Limin Xu1, Ming Han1 2, Alhasan Fuseni2, and Abdulkareem Alsofi2 (1Beijing Research Center, Saudi Aramco, China, 2EXPEC Advanced Research Center, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia)

P/66 - Effect of inlet conditions on liquid film thickness  for slug flow in micro-channel
Lynda Boubendira1, Salah Chikha1, Lounès Tadristb2 (1USTHB, Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering, LTPMP, Algeria, 2Aix-Marseille Univ. CNRS, Lab. IUSTI, France)

P/67- Online detection of paraffin wax, hydrate formation and solids through dynamic imaging analysis
Colin Dalton, JM Canty, Dublin, Ireland